What is Lammas / Lughnassadh?

Lammas / Lughnassadh is a holiday recognized by many followers of Earth-Based traditions as the time of year right before the first harvest, when we take the time to enjoy the end of summer, and we reflect on the abundance of our upcoming harvest, whether physical or metaphorical. It is time to begin reaping what we have sown throughout the beginning of the year.

Typically, the focus of Lammas / Lughnassadh rituals is to celebrate the Celtic god Lugh, but also to celebrate the early harvest. We also tend to have a lot of delicious potluck suppers this time of year since everyone's gardens are producing heavily!

Harvest festivals are celebrated by many cultures and religions and spiritual paths around the world the name Lammas is actually from a Christian holiday, and translates to 'Loaf Mass.' Many Pagans prefer the term Lughnassadh. Either is fine!

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