Event Information

This page is as of yet incomplete, so please check back as we add more details closer to the event. Or, if you have a specific question, please contact us.

What is the intention of this event?

This event is for Pagans and Pagan friendly folks across the state of Oregon to come together to celebrate the sabbat of Lammas (Lughnassadh) in peace and joy. It is intended to be a weekend long camping event where we share friendship, love, thoughts, ideas, music, ritual and community. This event is annual and hosted by different groups in different areas of the beautiful state of Oregon each year!

Who can come to this event?

While this event is geared toward those who follow an Earth-based Spiritual Path, anyone is welcome who is friendly with a loving heart and an open mind.


Most of this event is going to be fairly unstructured to allow for time to socialize and mingle, and for folks to bring their own creative ideas, but we do have a few activities planned!

• Ritual:If you are interested in participating in the ritual, please contact us and let us know! For those who have not attended public ritual before, we encourage you to read this article: Ritual Ettiquette - or How Not to Be a Turkey Sandwich by Indigo Paradox.

• Workshops: We will be presenting a few workshops throughout the weekend by local presenters from different traditions. A schedule will be posted soon. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge about something during the event, let us know!.

• And more! Check back as we will update this page as soon as more activities are planned.

Location and Times

Earliest check-in will be Friday at 9AM and latest checkout will be Sunday at 4PM. Registration includes all activities, and proceeds will cover the cost of putting on the event. Leftover funds will go to benefit Eugene Pagan Pride Day, which is occuring August 27th, 2016 at Alton Baker Park in Eugene. Click here to read more about Eugene PPD.
There is also a Saturday-only (10AM through the evening) pass available.

The location is approximately 20 miles from Eugene and will be given when you pre-register.


Information Coming Soon.

What To Bring

*We will update this list as we get more of the details worked out.*

• Camping Gear
• Personal Toiletries
• Food (more info on what the event will provide coming soon.)
• Rain Gear (you never know - it is Oregon after all)
• Sunscreen and / or bug repellant
•  Musical Instruments
•  Peace and Joy!